MYC Frostbite Fleet

MYC Frostbite Burgee

The Milford Frostbite Association is a winter sailing fleet under the wing of the Milford Yacht Club, CT. They sail 9′ Dyer Dhows in two Winter sessions. The first half runs from the 1st weekend in November to early Jan. The second half begins in January and ends mid March.

The fleet welcomes both new & old salts to sail, and on any given week there is a boat available to trial sail, and when you
make up your mind to join this esteemed fleet, there are quality boats available for purchase.
Please contact our Fleet Captain, Julia Carter ( MYC Frostbite 2016

For a view of fleet in action, please check out the YouTube video – Frostbiters – Full Documentary (advance to 14:40 to see our esteemed RC, Bob Colum)


Results to date, based on the average of 6 races per day, fleet ranking below.

  1. Brian McSweeny
  2. Ed Becker (PC, MYC)
  3. Bob Colum (RC, MYC)
  4. Pat Valleau
  5. Dennis Haylon
  6. Anne Hannan (PC, HBC)

LinkMilford Frostbite Assoc-Fall 2017 results, season to date.