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Star Class upwind Nutmeg 2014As the Milford Yacht Club grew and prospered after World War II, one of its most active racing fleets was the Star class. From one boat in 1945, the fleet has expanded to approximately twelve. The boats are unmistakable in our dry sailing area, elegant, slender racing yachts.

The first Star in Milford (902) was bought by Herb Kelly, a director of the yacht club, for his 13-year-old daughter Betty. What a sight it was as it sailed through the Sound, filled with teenagers. This boat introduced Stars to many Milford High School young people.

The second Star (56) was acquired at City Island, N. Y., and sailed to Milford by Don Spengler in 1946. During that year, Don and Betty had to sail in the handicap division, while waiting for a third boat to form a yacht club fleet. They didn’t have to wait long. One year later, a third Star was bought by Sam Trowbridge, who had been recently discharged from the armed forces. (excerpt by Raymond E. Birks, sailed Stars into his 90’s)

Over the past 70 years the MYC Star fleet continues to thrive, under the leadership of Lou Roberts, Fleet Captain 2019. A warm, enthusiastic Thank You to retiring fleet captain, Jim Revkin!  Stop down to the waterfront and introduce yourself, the class is always looking to recruit.

Member, International Star Class Yacht Racing Association (ISCYRA) District 1

 Arms-White 2019 Series Standing Report

MYC Arms-White Regatta documents, June 8-9, 2019

The Milford Yacht Club, Star Class will be hosting the 48th annual Arms-White Regatta. The Arms-White series is named after two sailors from the Central Long Island Sound (C.L.I.S.) district, John Taylor Arms and Elwood S. White.

In 1937 John Arms donated the Arms Trophy and in 1942 the family of Elwood White donated the White Trophy for the winning crew of the Arms series. The series, originally known as the Noroton Race Week, was sailed out of the C.L.I.S. until 1969, and then was relocated to Mid-Conn in 1970.

MID MYC 2019 Arms-White-NOR | MID MYC 2019 Arms White Entry Form2019 Arms-White SIs

MYC Nutmeg Regatta, September 22-23, 2018

Background on Nutmeg Regatta, Don Spengler, Commodore of the Milford Yacht Club (1950-51) started the Nutmeg Regatta which was first sailed in 1952. The trophy was named after the state’s nickname, the Connecticut residents were so ingenious that they could sell wooden nutmegs as real nutmegs to unsuspecting buyers! (Nutmeg was a valuable spice in the colonial America.)

The enthusiasm of the growing Mid-Conn fleet brought trophy into existence.

When the Nutmeg Regatta began the Mid-Conn fleet was wet-sailed. Thus, originally the visiting boats sailed out of oyster docks across the river from club.  A crane was brought in for the regatta to launch the visiting boats. The club members put together a temporary dock on beach where hoists now are for the visiting boats to tie up. How things have changed.

2018 Nutmeg NOR v1.2  |   2018 Nutmeg Entry Form.1.1  | 2019 Nutmeg Regatta-Final Results

Regatta Events (Prior Seasons)

MYC Arms-White Regatta documents, June 10th – 11th, 2017

Results – Arms-White Regatta 2017-Series Standing Final

Arms-White 2017 Awards - Skippers and Crew
Arms-White 2017 Awards – Skippers and Crew

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