Our Visitor Info

The Milford Yacht Club (MYC) is located at 131 Trumbull Ave in Milford, CT and is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting interest in yachting and related social activities. It is dependent for its well-being and successful operation on the support and cooperation of its members and their guests. Please observe our House Rules, copies are posted outside the Dock Office.

Members of recognized yacht clubs and participants in Club sponsored events who register as guests of MYC shall be entitled to use of Club facilities subject to House Rules.

House Guest cards shall be issued through the Secretary to House Guests of members for up to a two (2) week period. Guest cards for longer periods may be applied for through the Secretary and the House Committee in writing. The definition of a “House Guest” is anyone who is occupying a member’s residence strictly as guest. The member must accompany their guest. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests. House Guest cards will entitle the holder to the use of any Club facility subject to House Rules.

Boat Arrival:
Using Nautical Chart 12364, see Insert 1 – Milford Hbr. After clearing the breakwater, look to port to see the MYC.

Radio Contact:
Channel 68 is monitored

Dock Office Phone:
(203) 783-0065
Fax (203) 783-3962 – to Main Office

The Dock Master’s office is staffed during summer hours from 8 AM to 11 PM. Reduced hours of operation are in effect at other times. Upon arrival, please check in with the Dock Master.

The schedule of the Marina Fees and Calendar will be posted in the Dock Master’s office.

Club Hours:
Please see the Calendar for restaurant hours of operation.

Note: Men, jackets are encouraged while seated in the main dining room for Saturday evenings. This requirement is not in effect for bar room dining, footwear and shirts are required in the Club House at all times. The Club Manager has the discretion to seat anyone improperly dressed.

Standing for Colors shall be observed. The MYC Club House is a smoke free building.

MYC Snack Bar:
Opens Memorial Day and is open 7 days a week after June 21st.
Closes Labor Day weekend.

Pets are not allowed on Club property except for boarding or leaving boats. Pets must be on a lead at all times. Milford, CT has a “pooper-scooper” law in effect; please keep the MYC grounds free of debris.

All payments for MYC services will be by credit card. No direct billing to your home yacht club will be permitted.

Full reciprocity is extended to all visiting yachtsmen in good standing with their home yacht club. Please contact MYC Secretary, to arrange for a MYC Guest Card.

Reciprocal Guests:
Members of recognized reciprocal yacht clubs are welcome at the Milford Yacht Club for up to four visits each year. In advance of each visit, reciprocal guests must present a letter of introduction from their home club and must receive confirmation from our office. Our office staff is available to confirm reciprocal guest visits during regular business hours.
Upon arrival reciprocal guests must sign the guestbook in the clubhouse and present their current membership card to our staff. Reciprocal guests may not bring additional guests. All in each visiting party must be current members of their home club.