The March 2019 Rudder is posted . . .

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Commodore HerbertDear Members,
Welcome to the 2019 season! It is my honor and pleasure to serve as your commodore this year. I’d like to thank our two out-going directors for their hard work and years of services, Mr. Chris Carveth and Mr. John Nevin. I would also like to welcome our two new directors, Mr. Konrad Lagarde and Mr. John Conway.
As always in the off season, the staff, officers, directors, and committees have been hard at work cleaning, organizing, working on facility projects, planning menus, spe-cialty drink selections, entertainment and much more! The pool upgrades are on schedule and on budget. It will be spectacular out there this season and we can look forward to a clear, fresh, safe environment that we can all enjoy.

Link – The Rudder March 2019

Ken O’Herbert,