Ice Cube Regatta, Milford retains the “Cube”

The Milford Yacht Club once again retained the Ice Cube trophy after successfully defending the regatta this year.
Craig Morgan, the Professional Race Officer (PRO) ran an outstanding series of 8 races. In spite of 90 degree wind shifts,  Craig persevered and his team of volunteers delivered an excellent regatta.
Thanks to the sailors from the Norwalk Yacht Club and the Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club, results below.
  1. Team MYC, fleet 1
  2. Team NYC
  3. Team MYC, fleet 2
  4. Team MB&YC
It was a great day and a great event for the Milford Yacht Club, thanks to Frostbite Fleet Captain, Julia Carter (jlglcarter at yahoo dot com) and the volunteers & sailors that make the Frostbite fleet an entertaining winter day on the water!