Milford Invitational Regatta, MYC retains the Boardman Cup – August 3rd

Milford Yacht Club Invitational, wins the Challenge for the Boardman Cup – August 3rd, 2019

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019 Boardman Cup - Winning Skippers
Left to Right, winning captains Mike Lebov, Ed Becker & Tom Treat. FC Bob Farnum celebrating.

The Milford Yacht Club’s premier “big boat” event is wrapped up, celebrating the 33rd anniversary, the MYC retained the cup.   Past Commodore Ed Becker shared the background on the tradition that began in 1986, “Swim Across the Sound” actually involved a number of events on the Sound to raise money to fight cancer.  That year, the MYC was approached to include the Milford Invitational Regatta as one of the events.

To add a new dimension to the race, what became the “Challenge for the Boardman Cup” was conceived by then Rear Commodore Ed Becker, one of the winning skippers for this year’s event.  At the time, MYC purchased many of its trophies from the Boardman Silver Company in Meriden, Connecticut, whose generous owner was a member of MYC member.  RC Becker approached the company about creating the magnificent trophy for a new facet of the race.  The Challenge and the Cup was named for the donor.

The cup is pure Pewter but the craftsmanship and engraving really determine its significant value. The Boardman Cup was first introduced and awarded at the Milford Invitational Regatta in 1986 and was presented after the race by then Lt. Governor William O’Neil, who would be elected Governor three months later.

The Cup is awarded each year to the Club whose top three finishing spinnaker boats total the lowest score based on their class finishes.  As always, Fleet Captain Farnum is looking for volunteers . . .

In 2019, the MYC Invitational has migrated to the Yacht Scoring platform, link below . . .

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