Milford Harbor Entrance/Exit Channel Dredging – June 15 thru June 29, 2016

by / Monday, 23 May 2016 / Published in Club, Sailing
Please read this important message about Milford Harbor Entrance/Exit Channel Dredging June 15 thru June 29, 2016.
   As you know the entrance/exit channel of Milford Harbor has been severely constricted, causing grounding and numerous navigation and, safety problems. The attachments to this email are to inform the Officers and Board of the various actions and possible solutions for our harbor.
    We have been working on and discussing the dredging of the outer channel since 2011. Everyone from the Governor down to the Milford Harbor boating public has been working on this permit as we need to be able to enter and exit the harbor safely. This permit has been the main topic of many newspaper articles in the past year. The permit to dredge the outer channel was issued to the Army Corps of Engineers on March 17, 2016. This is a unique permit, using the Army Corps of Engineers hopper dredge to complete the wideing the channel to 100 feet and a depth of 11 feet at low tide. See the attachment “CURRITUCK” and the Video below. The dredged material will be spread off Bayview Beach as a beach nourishment project. This is the first beach nourishment project in the State of  Connecticut, using clean dredged material for beneficial use. The tight restriction of the dredging dates is due to the protection of the wildlife migration (April 30 thru May 30th) and the start of shellfish spawning on June 30th.
    Please read the attachment Milford Harbor Entrance Channel-Beneficial Use, that explains the alternatives I have explored to justify the Currituck coming to Milford Harbor.
      Finally,  Please review this video that explains the operation and conservation in the use of the Currituck.
    The Army Core of Engineers has covered the total cost of the testing, engineering, permitting, and dredging operations. There is NO COST to the City of Milford or State of Connecticut. This project will increase the safety and the transient traffic to all of Milford Harbor.
     I believe that all Milford boaters should be the supportive of this “first in Connecticut” near shore nourishment project, and is the first to conform to the EPA Long Island Sound Dredged Material Management Plan covering the next (30) years. We should be supportive because we have an interest in the health of Milford Harbor. Without the harbor we have nothing.
Bruce Kuryla
State Harbormaster for Milford