Titan Durty rocks The Bravest

by / Sunday, 07 December 2014 / Published in Entertainment

Titan Durty - The Bravest 12062014

MYC’s own Bull Weber and the Titan Durty band rocked a great little bar, The Bravest (a corner clubhouse for city fireman) on 2nd Ave & 38th St, bringing the unique TnD sounds to Manhattan. A small, dedicated fan base of about 30 people showed up to represent Milford and the club at the bar. In spite of rain & holiday traffic, the gang arrived just as the band kicked off their first set, they sounded great. Ambiance of The Bravest was great, between the band, college football, friendly bartenders and It’s a Wonderful Life on the big screen, the holidays were ushered in in style.

Thanks to the great staff @ The Bravest, TnD and the MYC crew that made the trek into NYC!