COVID-19 Marina Policies

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As we are all adjusting to the effect of the Covid pandemic,
I want to announce that the Board of Directors has adopted the following
temporary rules for the marina:

  1. No socializing in groups of more than 5 people.
  2. Observe social separation – 6 feet minimum.
  3. Wear masks when social distancing is not possible.
  4. No non-member transient (guest) boats will be allowed to tie up to the T-Dock or overnight in the marina;
  5. All members that use the Club’s push carts must wear gloves.
  6. The JYC restrooms will remain open.
  7. Masks and gloves are to be worn when being transported by the tender.
  8. Violation of rules can lead to suspension of privileges.


These rules are temporary and will be re-evaluated as circumstances change. For the safety of our members and staff, please observe the rules and have a safe boating season.


Michael dean Amato, P.C., Rear Commodore

Long Island Sound Blue Plan, transmitted to CT legislature


The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has transmitted the final draft Blue Plan to the legislature for approval.

It is now up to the General Assembly’s Environment Committee to hold a public hearing by no later than March 21, 2020 (45 days of the start of the session on February 5, 2020), and then make a recommendation to the full legislature, which will vote to approve or disapprove the Plan.  By statute, tBlue Plan binocularshe Blue Plan must be voted up or down without modifications, as is standard for similar official plans such as the State Plan of Conservation and Development.


Long Island Sound Blue Plan Background

The October Rudder is posted . . .

Rudder 2020

Commodore HerbertHello MYC members,
Welcome to our beautiful fall season at the Club. There’s a chill in the air and color in the trees. MYC staff and officers have planned a great autumn season for all members to enjoy. Come on down for an Oktoberfest taste of beer and our new fall menu. Our tailgate Sunday football afternoons are always a fun way to wrap up the weekend and the weather is usually beautiful on our patio.
We can all look forward to the Kids’ Halloween Party…the little goblins and ghosts will be having a monster bash for all to enjoy! I’m looking forward to the over-the-top spread Chef Dave will be preparing for the Annual Men’s Night ! If you’ve never been to one, you will be overwhelmed with top notch food, drink and of course, man cave camaraderie!


I’d like to thank our long term member, Mike Zanarini, and our Bar Manager, John Regan, for organizing the second annual Member / Employee Golf Tournament. It was a great day and everyone involved clearly had fun! Also thanks go out to our Club Historian, “Famous Angler ” Jim Trapp for running our annual Bluefish Tournament. As always, the competition was fierce! However the seas and winds were even more ferocious that day, which resulted in lower weigh-ins. Congratulations to member Jim Birge and his son, Ryan, for tak-ing first place by hauling in a whopper at 11.25 lbs.! Well done boys!


I look forward to a great fall season and hope to see all members in the coming weeks enjoying their Club and all that MYC offers to their families and friends. See you at Men’s Night with a Fred Flintstone-sized steak!


Your Hungry, Happy Commodore,
Ken Herbert


Link – The Rudder, October 2019

The September Rudder is posted . . .

Rudder 2020

Commodore HerbertWell, summer is coming to a end. The kids are back in school and our schedules will be adjusting to fall in New England, but what a wonderful summer it was!

I’d like to thank everyone involved with all the summer activities and events – from the Entertainment Committee, to the Race and Regatta Committee and all in between! Special thanks go out to our new staff at the pool and new staff up in the JYC! (and to our new filtration system in our pool mechanical room!)

There is still plenty to look forward to this month. Vice Commodore Colum and his committees have lots in store for you in the coming weeks – look deeper into The Rudder and watch for e-blasts for all of the upcoming happenings!
September weather is possibly the best of the year to enjoy all that MYC of-fers…personally I love the chill in the air. Even with the temperatures cooling down, the fishing sea-son is heating up! Sharpen your hooks and get out on the water for the fall bluefish and blackfish frenzy!


See you at the fish cleaning station (hopefully)!
Your fishy Commodore, Ken Herbert

LinkThe Rudder September 2019

Annual Bluefish Tournament, September 29th

One of the local proverbs, the author unknown states . . . Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.  Teach him how to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day. 
The Annual Bluefish tournament tradition returns to the MYC!

Sunday, September 29th
Starting Time: 12:01 am Awards For: First, Second and Third Largest Single Fish

Weigh In: 3:00 pm Triple Play: First, Second and Third Total 3 Largest Fish, Mrs. Diane Brown Female Angler’s Award

Skippers’ Meeting: Thurs. 9/26 at 8pm Low Tide: 6:03 am and 6:31 pm High Tide: 12:11 pm
Sunrise: 6:47 am Moon: 0%

Questions? Call the MYC Angler’s Hotline at 203-444-6645. Operators are standing by 24 hours a day.
All members are welcome! Complimentary Bluefish and Chowder will be served.


Reminds us of a joke, why are bluefish so easy to weigh in . . . because they have their own scales!

Any further info contact MYC Anglers Hotline (Jim Trapp)
Number located in the 2019 MYC Yearbook

The October Rudder is posted . . .

Rudder 2020

Commodore HerbertWelcome to October and fall at MYC! Wow, September went by so quickly and let’s hope that Mother Nature treats us with better weather this month! Despite the weather, we had a busy September with a great Guest Chef Pasta Night, two MYC regattas, Sinatra Night, and of, course, the annual Bluefish Tournament. Thanks go out to all of the volunteers and participants (and special thanks to Alphonse Russo, P.C. who saved this Commodore’s fishing day with a borrowed anchor!)
October will be another busy month at the Club. The first annual MYC Member/Employee Golf Tournament will be held on October 3rd (postponed from September due to inclement weather). Good luck to all! The Columbus Day Regatta will be held on October 7th and on October 18th, the gentlemen of the Club and their guests are looking forward to the annual Men’s Night. Be sure to bring out the kiddies for a fun-filled Kids’ Halloween Party on Friday, October 19th and be sure to join us for the adults’ Monster Bash on October 27th! See if you can figure out who’s behind that mask!


In this edition of The Rudder, you’ll find a very important, informative letter about our pool and upcoming improvements, so please take the time to read it thoroughly. On a sad note, we lost our old friend and former member, Mrs. Ann Hawie, this past month. Our thoughts go out to her family at this very difficult time.

See you at the Monster Bash (if you can figure out who I am)!

Ken Herbert


LinkThe Rudder October 2018

The September Rudder is posted . . .

Rudder 2020

Commodore HerbertWelcome to the September breeze at Milford Yacht Club! As I write this month’s letter in a heatwave, it’s hard to think about the leaves starting to turn and the season change. It is still one of the most beautiful months of the year to be by the water.
The Late summer crickets are singing and that song (to me) means “fish on!” So anglers, sharpen up your hooks because the annual MYC Bluefish Tournament will be held on September 30th and the competition will be fierce! Weigh in is at 3pm followed by awards, complimentary bluefish, chowder and salad. The top angler gets his year-long bragging rights trophy! (Call the MYC Anglers’ Hotline 203-444-6645 for more details. Operators are standing by.)
There is still plenty of good boating season left. We will be hosting the Nutmeg Star Regatta and the Last Chance Regatta on the weekend of September 22nd and 23rd. Our Fleet Captain, Bob Farnum, is looking to recruit Race Committee volunteers for these fun events. Race Committee is a great way to get out on the wa-ter with a complimentary box lunch, beverage and an opportunity to be a part of MYC’s sailing tradition.

LinkThe Rudder September 2018 v.1.0


See you at the fish cleaning station (hopefully).
Ken Herbert

The October Rudder is published . . .


As fall begins, the look of the Club begins to change. While many members are looking forward to the Columbus Day weekend regatta, many others are starting the process of winterizing their vessels and removing them from the marina. Many of the MYC Anglers are still enjoying the fishing season by chasing after bluefish and stripers. There is still time to enjoy your boats.

We continue to have a number of exciting events planned for October. The Children’s Halloween Party, featuring a magician, is planned for Friday October 27, 2017.  The annual Men’s Night is scheduled for Thursday October 19, 2017.  Both are very popular events and reservations are a must.  Also, keep an eye on the e-blasts as we are planning some additional entertainment during the next month.


Michael Dean Amato, Commodore

Link – The Rudder October 2017 v.2

2016 Annual Bluefish Tournament, Results


With a brisk northerly breeze blowing through the gulf, our indefatigable anglers chased the prize Pomatomus saltatrix (Bluefish). The following anglers, brought home the awards, and all enjoyed the catch dining on the lawn of the club.



Congratulations to the following members:

1st Place: Al Russo, Steven & Jack Russo (13.10 lbs)
2nd Place: Ken Herbert (11.85 lbs)
3rd Place: Kevin Massey (11.70 lbs)
1st Place: Kevin Massey (33.20 lbs)
2nd Place: Maeghan, Jimmy & Jim Stacy (25.10)
3rd Place: Bob & Owen Brennan, Josh & Chris Paton, Chris Weishaupt & Olivia Liebnick (22.55)
Maeghan Stacy
– KC Cook
– Ray & Alice Oliver
– Tom Owens & Jim Trapp
– Zack Babbitz
Thanks go out to Jim Trapp, his fellow anglers and the MYC staff for making it yet another great event at the club!

Annual Bluefish Tournament, Results

Another great member run event on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at The Milford Yacht Club!
Special thanks to Jack & Adrian for assisting in running supplies & helping with the breakdown, & lugging, volunteers like these folks make the tournament successful.



Results below:

Single Fish
  • 1st Place KC Cook  15.10 lbs
  • 2nd Place Zack Babbitz  13.10 lbs
  • 3rd Place Kenny Herbert  10.30 lbs

Triple Play: Total 3 Largest Fish

  • 1st Place Zack Babbitz 36.60 lbs
  • 2nd Place (Bob Hawie Sportsmanship Award) Al & Jack Russo 15.70 lbs
  • 3rd Place (Bob McCarthy Sportsmanship Award)  KC Cook 15.10

Mrs, Diane Brown Female Angler Award

  • Alice Oliver
Staff did a great job with site setup, weigh-in station, filet table & grill. Chef David’s Clam Chowder was outstanding with many compliments.

Date:  Sunday, September 27th,
Starting time:  12:01 a.m.
Weigh in:   3:00 p.m.

Reminds us of a joke, why are bluefish so easy to weigh in . . . because they have their own scales!

Skippers Meeting
Thursday, 24th @ 8:00 p.m.
Main Clubhouse

Awards presented for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Largest Single Fish
& 3rd Largest Cumulative Total Weight

Plus the Mrs. Diane Brown Female Angler Award

Complimentary Bluefish & Chowder to be Served

Any further info contact MYC Anglers Hotline (Jim Trapp)
Number located in the 2015 MYC Yearbook