Still more racing in Autumn

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Counting down, still time to get your spot on the line . . . Saturday & Sunday is the Last Chance Regatta weekend. Our partners in the Windjammers Sailing Club are hosting day 1 of the regatta on Saturday (19th), with the MYC wrapping it up on Sunday (20th)!

No better way to social distance than on a sailboat, crew in the bow, skipper in the aft and a few “winch monkeys” amidships. For all the necessary documentation check out the links below:

WSC NOR / Register for WSC (9/19) / WSC Sailing Instructions / Scratch Sheet / Results

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MYC NOR / Register for MYC (9/20) / MYC Sailing Instructions / Scratch Sheet / Results

Defiant finishing strong Last Chance Regatta
Defiant finishing strong!

Don’t forget to check back for the Columbus Day regatta, Sunday, October 11th, 2020!
This will be a bonus points regatta, and is co-sponsored with our friends from the Windjammers Sailing Club & the Housatonic Boat Club.

“To reach a port we must set sail –
Sail, not tie at anchor
Sail, not drift.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

NOAA updated 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook


NOAA on their call on Thursday, August 6th has indicated atmospheric and oceanic conditions are primed to fuel storm development in the Atlantic, leading to what could be an “extremely active” season, according to forecasters with NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, a division of the National Weather Service. On Thursday, the agency released its annual August update to the Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook, initially issued in May.


Helpful links below.


Be safe, be cautious and know the MYC is monitoring conditions as the forecasts change.

MYC Boardman Cup Results

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Milford Yacht Club continued the tradition hosting the Boardman Cup for the 36th year. It was a reduced fleet from prior years because of the COVID-19 precautions. Crews were based on family and friends within their respective “sailing bubbles” (close friends, extended family members, neighbors or even co-workers.)

This year the family sailing bubble dominated with 3 of 4 MYC High Performance/Sport Boat class yachts campaigned by family bubbles (Lebov, McCarthy & Treat). The youngest MYC sailor, Barrett Lebov, deserves a special “shout out” for his first race in the High Performance class (Barrett turns 8 this month). In addition to “bubble” teams, the fleet needed to navigate through the spectator fleet at the Charles Island Music Fest, a particularly unique experience, and a crafty call by the race committee!

Boats from Housatonic Boat Club (HBC) and Windjammers Sailing Club (WSC) raised the level of competition. Thank you to all sailors, volunteers and our friends from ECSA who ran the regatta. A special thanks goes out to our Fleet Captain, Sarah Ferrante! Her enthusiasm, ability to delegate and willingness to learn made her 1st PHRF regatta a success. Other on/off water support provided by Chris Cranos (Sarah’s SO), Bob Farnum, Lou Roberts and Doug & Marge Jones.

MYC retained the Boardman Cup in this reduced fleet, with the following skippers finishing 1st,2nd & 3rd respectively; Tom Treat, Bruce Kuryla (PC) and Brendan McCarthy. Congratulations, and thanks for sailing a great race.  Results can be found at the link below.

Link2020 Milford Invitational for the Boardman Cup Results for Media Print

Team McCarthy flying the chute, Boardman Cup
Team McCarthy flying the chute, Boardman Cup


2020 Blessing of the Fleet | Sunday, June 21st @ 1500 Hrs.

The Milford Yacht Club proudly presents the 12th Annual Blessing of the Fleet, a traditional celebration of the opening season for all boaters and lovers of the water! The practice of blessing a fleet is a centuries-old tradition originating in southern European, predominantly Catholic, fishing communities. A blessing from the local priest was meant to ensure a safe and bountiful season.

In 2009, the Milford Yacht Club restored the tradition for our local fishing and sailing community with an interfaith ceremony.  We are pleased this year to welcome Reverend Kristina Hansen and Reverend Matt Lindeman to extend a blessing to all boaters and fishermen in Milford Harbor.

In this COVID-19 environment, there continue to be restrictions on gatherings. The MYC Officers & Board Members require that participants gather at their vessels, not on the patio. The presentation will be more brief, and audio will be projected into the Marina with the Club sound system. Traditional vessel & crew blessing will continue (see instructions below), passing the “F” Dock to Starboard for our traditional “blessing”of the boats with our Clergy. Non-mariners will be limited to members and their guests, and are asked to gather in the circle.

Please note, PERSONAL PROTECTION is required, consistent with Phase 2 Reopen Rules by Sector (for June 17 opening)“All event attendees including employees, volunteers and officials shall wear a surgical style mask or other face covering (e.g. cloth mask) that completely covers the nose and mouth within 6 ft of those not in the same household).”

See attached flyer for Order of Events & Instructions to Mariners.

COVID-19 Marina Policies

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As we are all adjusting to the effect of the Covid pandemic,
I want to announce that the Board of Directors has adopted the following
temporary rules for the marina:

  1. No socializing in groups of more than 5 people.
  2. Observe social separation – 6 feet minimum.
  3. Wear masks when social distancing is not possible.
  4. No non-member transient (guest) boats will be allowed to tie up to the T-Dock or overnight in the marina;
  5. All members that use the Club’s push carts must wear gloves.
  6. The JYC restrooms will remain open.
  7. Masks and gloves are to be worn when being transported by the tender.
  8. Violation of rules can lead to suspension of privileges.


These rules are temporary and will be re-evaluated as circumstances change. For the safety of our members and staff, please observe the rules and have a safe boating season.


Michael dean Amato, P.C., Rear Commodore

Long Island Sound Blue Plan, transmitted to CT legislature


The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has transmitted the final draft Blue Plan to the legislature for approval.

It is now up to the General Assembly’s Environment Committee to hold a public hearing by no later than March 21, 2020 (45 days of the start of the session on February 5, 2020), and then make a recommendation to the full legislature, which will vote to approve or disapprove the Plan.  By statute, tBlue Plan binocularshe Blue Plan must be voted up or down without modifications, as is standard for similar official plans such as the State Plan of Conservation and Development.


Long Island Sound Blue Plan Background

One Design Classes and Sailor Survey

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US Sailing logo2019 One Design Classes and Sailor Survey

One Design (OD) sailing is a critical and fundamental part of our sport.  In late October 2019, US Sailing put together a survey for One Design class associations and sailors to see how we can better serve this important constituency. The survey was sent via email, as a link placed on our website and through other USSA Social media channels. The survey was sent to our US Sailing members, class associations and organizations, and made available to any constituent that noted One-Design sailing in their profile.

Some interesting observations:

  • Answers are based on respondents’ perception of or actual experience with US Sailing.
  • 623 unique comments were received from survey respondents and grouped into “Response Types” for sorting
  • When reviewing data, please note that “OTHER” Comments are as equally important as those called out in a
    specific area, like Insurance, Administration, etc.
  • The majority of respondents are currently or have been members of US Sailing for more than 5 years, and many sail in multiple One-Design classes
  • About 1/5 of the OD respondents serve(d) as an officer of their primary OD class; 80% were owner/drivers of
    their primary OD class; and more than 60% were members of their primary OD class association.
  • Respondents to the survey were most highly concentrated on the East and West coasts, followed by the MidWest and Texas – though we did have representation from 42 states, plus Puerto Rico and Canada.
  • Most respondents were male.

Link to One Design Classes and Sailor Survey

Milford Invitational Regatta, MYC retains the Boardman Cup – August 3rd

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Milford Yacht Club Invitational, wins the Challenge for the Boardman Cup – August 3rd, 2019

Link to Results – Results from Yacht Scoring, MYC Invitational, Challenge for the Boardman Cup – 2019

019 Boardman Cup - Winning Skippers
Left to Right, winning captains Mike Lebov, Ed Becker & Tom Treat. FC Bob Farnum celebrating.

The Milford Yacht Club’s premier “big boat” event is wrapped up, celebrating the 33rd anniversary, the MYC retained the cup.   Past Commodore Ed Becker shared the background on the tradition that began in 1986, “Swim Across the Sound” actually involved a number of events on the Sound to raise money to fight cancer.  That year, the MYC was approached to include the Milford Invitational Regatta as one of the events.

To add a new dimension to the race, what became the “Challenge for the Boardman Cup” was conceived by then Rear Commodore Ed Becker, one of the winning skippers for this year’s event.  At the time, MYC purchased many of its trophies from the Boardman Silver Company in Meriden, Connecticut, whose generous owner was a member of MYC member.  RC Becker approached the company about creating the magnificent trophy for a new facet of the race.  The Challenge and the Cup was named for the donor.

The cup is pure Pewter but the craftsmanship and engraving really determine its significant value. The Boardman Cup was first introduced and awarded at the Milford Invitational Regatta in 1986 and was presented after the race by then Lt. Governor William O’Neil, who would be elected Governor three months later.

The Cup is awarded each year to the Club whose top three finishing spinnaker boats total the lowest score based on their class finishes.  As always, Fleet Captain Farnum is looking for volunteers . . .

In 2019, the MYC Invitational has migrated to the Yacht Scoring platform, link below . . .

MYC Invitational, Boardman Cup, key documents



For reference, prior year’s results . . .

MYC Boardman Cup 2018 Results

MYC Invitational, 2017 Boardman Cup Final Results

2016 Boardman Cup Results

The July Rudder is posted . . .

Rudder 2020

MYC is in high season! Our programs have started, the kids are swimming and sailing, the anglers are fishing, the sailors are competing, the events and bands are rocking, our hard working staff is in high gear in every corner of our Club and it’s great to be a part of it all!

There is so much to do and to look forward to….the kids’ events over at the JYC, our upcoming Opti Regatta, Saturday morning swim meets and multiple planned events for our members and guests. We have a fun-filled summer schedule for all to enjoy. Look for weekly e-blasts for all of the upcoming happenings!


One last note, many thanks go out to “Da Boys” in the kitchen for Guest Chef Pasta Night. It was spectacular! Thanks to Alphonse Russo, P.C., Patsy Vigilio, John Tuozzoli and Capt. Jim Puvogel.

Mean Dad

Your Mean Dad,
Ken Herbert, Commodore


Link – The Rudder July 2019

Arms-White Regatta, June 8th & 9th

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The Milford Yacht Club, Star Class will be hosting the 48th annual Arms-White Regatta this weekend. As always, we welcome the sailors and seek support from club members. If you are interested in joining the Race Committee (RC) team, contact Fleet Captain, Doug Jones. If you are interested in sailing in the regatta, please contact Star Class-Fleet Captain, Lou Roberts.

From a historical perspective, the Arms-White series is named after two sailors from the Central Long Island Sound (C.L.I.S.) district, John Taylor Arms and Elwood S. White.  In 1937 John Arms donated the Arms Trophy and in 1942 the family of Elwood White donated the White Trophy for the winning crew of the Arms series.

The series, originally known as the Noroton Race Week, was sailed out of the C.L.I.S. until 1969, and then was relocated to Mid-Conn in 1970.


Link – MYC Star Class

LinkMID MYC 2019 Arms-White-NOR

LinkMID MYC 2019 Arms-White SIs – Final

LinkMID MYC 2019 Arms White Entry Form

LinkArms-White 2019 Series Standing Report


For questions, contact Lou Roberts <>, MYC Fleet Captain